Snow Slurpees: My first ghetto recipe post

I was feeling insanely inspired this snow day, so I made snow Slurpees.

To make snow Slurpees you will need the following:

1. Clean Fresh Snow – Seriously make sure your snow is clean, this means using the top snow of an area that you know is clean. Do not use snow that is on top of an old dirty snow pile. If you have pets do not use snow that is on top of places where they have released bodily fluids/excrement, unless more than 10 inches are covering it.

2. Paper cups – They don’t have to be paper, but paper gives it a better Slurpee feel

3. Sugary beverage of your choice – I used grape Gatorade (which is blue for some reason) and Dr. Pepper Cherry.

To make your snow Slurpees:

1. Fill your paper cup with snow and pack it down well as it will shrink pretty quickly later.

2. Pour your sugary beverage into your cup full of snow.

3. Either chug it, or enjoy it slowly with a spoon. You could also steal Slurpee straws from your local 7/11 but that’s a pretty sad move.

The finished result (after having shrunk and being partially consumed) should look like this

The best thing by far about this is having the freedom of choosing whatever flavor you want… like Dr. Pepper :). The worst thing about this is that you cannot make these in the summer when they’d be the most refreshing. That’s when you’re stuck with whatever flavors your local 7/11 has… and mine *never* has Dr. Pepper 😦

By the way, I dub the Dr. Pepper one Drink of the Gods and I dub the Grape Gatorade one Frozen Dimetapp of My Youth. This is the old Dimetapp that tasted way better than the new one with the new formula that doesn’t give people strokes like the old one did =D


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  1. 1

    Scott Pool said,

    looks legit.

  2. 2

    Sounds yummmm. As long as nothing funky is on there haha.

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