Last Day of Winter Break?

I start classes again tomorrow. Luckily I only have one short class on Friday.. Number Theory!! But anyway, today was another Snow-apocalypse. Campus was closed! If I get lucky it may be closed tomorrow, or I could be lucky and learn awesome math! Tomorrow is set to be a win-win =D

Ok this post has no major purpose other than pictures…

My back yard!!

the doggies in their winter coats

Ok, normally I am against making animals wear clothing but as you can see they recently had a trip to the groomers’ and have waaay less hair than they used to. Usually we’d wait until spring to shear them but Zelda was matted soooooo bad.

So, because they got haircuts we put them in jackets that we got from a pet supply catalog.  Minnie’s was $11 and Zelda’s was $20. At Pet Menu or Pet Land.. or any freaking little-dog pet store, those jackets would have cost at least $40. The jackets are awesome, they have reflective stripes on them, a hole to clip the leash to the collar and a little pocket on the back. And amazingly, Zelda tolerates it way more than I expected her to.

my street

Ok, so the mini plow came through but not the real plow. Yet the avenue that two bus lines run on has yet to be plowed (a necessary) second time. There was about three inches of driven on snow last I checked.

yep 14 inches

My dad actually got a yard stick and measured how much snow we had.. 14 inches. We’ve had so much freaking snow this month we might as well be living in Minnesota.

I also made snow slurpees, but I’ve saved that awesomness to use as my first ghetto cooking post XD


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