My New Appreciation of Winter

This past week I went skiing for two days at Belleayre Mountain in the Catskills with Scott and two of our friends.

I’ve never been upstate many times in the summer throughout my life and once or twice in the fall, but until now I’ve never been there in the winter. All I have to say is that it’s still beautiful but in a different way. The green mountains are all brown and white. When the trees have no snow on them but the ground does the mountains look like the heads of people with very thin hair that you can see through… but they’re still pretty. The ice covering the rocks on the side of the roads looks like frozen waterfalls. And it snows a lot up there… which is also very pretty.

And, they have REAL icicles on houses, not just ghetto ones on cars.

these are *not* decorations, they are REAL

Even the shrubbery has icicles!!


I wish I had more pictures but I didn’t even bring my camera. Those photos are courtesy of Scott.

The skiing was awesome. But it was a huge workout lugging all of the equipment around. At some point on this trip I injured myself. The day after the day I got home when I was rubbing my sore muscles on my arms, shoulders and chest I felt a bump on my sternum that felt like bone and it freaked me out because I did not have one opposite to it. Then I asked my mom about it, she assumed it was an inflamed tendon or something, and I thought it made sense because I only had pain there if I moved my arm in certain directions. But it was Friday, my G.P doesn’t have hours until Monday. Then my mom decided to drag me to physical therapy with her (she was in a car accident two years ago).

So, I see the chiropractor and when I tell him about the bump he starts feeling my back. I then realize there’s a bump on the back too. He tells me I’ve popped a rib and he’ll give me an adjustment after he gives one to my mom. So he popped it back in.. but I think it popped back out. Looks like I’m going back on Monday.

But I still really want to go skiing again because it is fucking awesome. And I want to do every winter sport ever except skeleton and luge (because I value my life). Seriously, skiing has made the winter suck so much less for me. All of these sports make me want to do stuff in the winter instead of staying curled up in a ball on my couch watching Netflix. Ironically, with my injury, I am doomed to that fate for a while at least 😦

I wish I was better so I could be harassing my dad to take me skiing again.


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  1. 1

    Scott Pool said,

    I hope you get better soon! It must not be too serious considering it took you a while to notice it and it only hurts if you move it certain ways. But yes the skiing was awesome, yet I have not mastered stopping yet. I’m lucky I didn’t injure myself similarly with all the falls I had x_x

  2. 2

    I hope you’re alright now! I’m glad you had a great time during your ski trip, though. 🙂 Everyone needs a vacation. Perhaps next time, I’ll be able to make it. XD

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