My Last Day of 2010

Yesterday was New Year’s Eve, I did a few things.

In the morning I went food shopping with my mom, then we headed to Macy’s to return a sweater that I wasn’t crazy about (not to mention one of the button holes was unraveling). I ended up finding the most awesome pair of snow pants ever!

Snow pants that look like actual pants!

They have three zipper pockets and a warm fleece lining inside. They also came in white, but I’d rather not blend in with the snow. However, before we found them my mom asked an employee if they had any, she assumed my mom wanted them, when my mom said they were for me the lady assumed we wanted juniors. She thought I was 15 (just like the rest of the world). But more awesomess about these pants, they’re Calvin Klein pants! They were also originally $150, they were half off and then 15% off and then another 20% off with a coupon; around $60 in the end.

Later that day I went booze shopping with my dad. I wanted to try some mead, or epic viking honey-wine for Christmas, but we had none then so they said I could try some now. The liquor store by me only had a honey-liquor, so my mom drove me to a bigger liquor store. They had mead, and this mead had the most awesome labels ever. I got the picture below from the brewer’s website, the caption on my bottle read “arriving on your shore without any reservations.” There was also awesome historical info about Ragnar the viking on the back.

Here’s the interesting part of this story. I wait on line to purchase my booze. I am obviously the youngest person in the store. I walk to the cashier, I hand him $20, the bottle is $10. I purchase the booze.

They never asked me for ID. And the lady at Macy’s thought I was 15. And this the the first time I’ve bought any alcoholic beverage since my 21st birthday earlier last month. Oh well.

In the end the mead was disappointing, it didn’t have the sweet taste I expected. It wasn’t like the sweet mead I had a sip of the last time I went to the renn faire. There was a small honey after taste but I couldn’t drink it (the alcohol ruins it). Oh well, I’ve never been a fan of alcohol anyway.

Later that evening we visited some friend from our early childhood and had chocolate fondue. and we saw Snooki drop in the Jersey Shore ball. It was mildly disturbing.

That’s all!!! Best wishes for the new year!!


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    Scott Pool said,

    Awesome pants deal! And I want to try some of that mead though, it does have an awesome label

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