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Snow Slurpees: My first ghetto recipe post

I was feeling insanely inspired this snow day, so I made snow Slurpees.

To make snow Slurpees you will need the following:

1. Clean Fresh Snow – Seriously make sure your snow is clean, this means using the top snow of an area that you know is clean. Do not use snow that is on top of an old dirty snow pile. If you have pets do not use snow that is on top of places where they have released bodily fluids/excrement, unless more than 10 inches are covering it.

2. Paper cups – They don’t have to be paper, but paper gives it a better Slurpee feel

3. Sugary beverage of your choice – I used grape Gatorade (which is blue for some reason) and Dr. Pepper Cherry.

To make your snow Slurpees:

1. Fill your paper cup with snow and pack it down well as it will shrink pretty quickly later.

2. Pour your sugary beverage into your cup full of snow.

3. Either chug it, or enjoy it slowly with a spoon. You could also steal Slurpee straws from your local 7/11 but that’s a pretty sad move.

The finished result (after having shrunk and being partially consumed) should look like this

The best thing by far about this is having the freedom of choosing whatever flavor you want… like Dr. Pepper :). The worst thing about this is that you cannot make these in the summer when they’d be the most refreshing. That’s when you’re stuck with whatever flavors your local 7/11 has… and mine *never* has Dr. Pepper 😦

By the way, I dub the Dr. Pepper one Drink of the Gods and I dub the Grape Gatorade one Frozen Dimetapp of My Youth. This is the old Dimetapp that tasted way better than the new one with the new formula that doesn’t give people strokes like the old one did =D

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Last Day of Winter Break?

I start classes again tomorrow. Luckily I only have one short class on Friday.. Number Theory!! But anyway, today was another Snow-apocalypse. Campus was closed! If I get lucky it may be closed tomorrow, or I could be lucky and learn awesome math! Tomorrow is set to be a win-win =D

Ok this post has no major purpose other than pictures…

My back yard!!

the doggies in their winter coats

Ok, normally I am against making animals wear clothing but as you can see they recently had a trip to the groomers’ and have waaay less hair than they used to. Usually we’d wait until spring to shear them but Zelda was matted soooooo bad.

So, because they got haircuts we put them in jackets that we got from a pet supply catalog.  Minnie’s was $11 and Zelda’s was $20. At Pet Menu or Pet Land.. or any freaking little-dog pet store, those jackets would have cost at least $40. The jackets are awesome, they have reflective stripes on them, a hole to clip the leash to the collar and a little pocket on the back. And amazingly, Zelda tolerates it way more than I expected her to.

my street

Ok, so the mini plow came through but not the real plow. Yet the avenue that two bus lines run on has yet to be plowed (a necessary) second time. There was about three inches of driven on snow last I checked.

yep 14 inches

My dad actually got a yard stick and measured how much snow we had.. 14 inches. We’ve had so much freaking snow this month we might as well be living in Minnesota.

I also made snow slurpees, but I’ve saved that awesomness to use as my first ghetto cooking post XD

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My New Appreciation of Winter

This past week I went skiing for two days at Belleayre Mountain in the Catskills with Scott and two of our friends.

I’ve never been upstate many times in the summer throughout my life and once or twice in the fall, but until now I’ve never been there in the winter. All I have to say is that it’s still beautiful but in a different way. The green mountains are all brown and white. When the trees have no snow on them but the ground does the mountains look like the heads of people with very thin hair that you can see through… but they’re still pretty. The ice covering the rocks on the side of the roads looks like frozen waterfalls. And it snows a lot up there… which is also very pretty.

And, they have REAL icicles on houses, not just ghetto ones on cars.

these are *not* decorations, they are REAL

Even the shrubbery has icicles!!


I wish I had more pictures but I didn’t even bring my camera. Those photos are courtesy of Scott.

The skiing was awesome. But it was a huge workout lugging all of the equipment around. At some point on this trip I injured myself. The day after the day I got home when I was rubbing my sore muscles on my arms, shoulders and chest I felt a bump on my sternum that felt like bone and it freaked me out because I did not have one opposite to it. Then I asked my mom about it, she assumed it was an inflamed tendon or something, and I thought it made sense because I only had pain there if I moved my arm in certain directions. But it was Friday, my G.P doesn’t have hours until Monday. Then my mom decided to drag me to physical therapy with her (she was in a car accident two years ago).

So, I see the chiropractor and when I tell him about the bump he starts feeling my back. I then realize there’s a bump on the back too. He tells me I’ve popped a rib and he’ll give me an adjustment after he gives one to my mom. So he popped it back in.. but I think it popped back out. Looks like I’m going back on Monday.

But I still really want to go skiing again because it is fucking awesome. And I want to do every winter sport ever except skeleton and luge (because I value my life). Seriously, skiing has made the winter suck so much less for me. All of these sports make me want to do stuff in the winter instead of staying curled up in a ball on my couch watching Netflix. Ironically, with my injury, I am doomed to that fate for a while at least 😦

I wish I was better so I could be harassing my dad to take me skiing again.

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My Last Day of 2010

Yesterday was New Year’s Eve, I did a few things.

In the morning I went food shopping with my mom, then we headed to Macy’s to return a sweater that I wasn’t crazy about (not to mention one of the button holes was unraveling). I ended up finding the most awesome pair of snow pants ever!

Snow pants that look like actual pants!

They have three zipper pockets and a warm fleece lining inside. They also came in white, but I’d rather not blend in with the snow. However, before we found them my mom asked an employee if they had any, she assumed my mom wanted them, when my mom said they were for me the lady assumed we wanted juniors. She thought I was 15 (just like the rest of the world). But more awesomess about these pants, they’re Calvin Klein pants! They were also originally $150, they were half off and then 15% off and then another 20% off with a coupon; around $60 in the end.

Later that day I went booze shopping with my dad. I wanted to try some mead, or epic viking honey-wine for Christmas, but we had none then so they said I could try some now. The liquor store by me only had a honey-liquor, so my mom drove me to a bigger liquor store. They had mead, and this mead had the most awesome labels ever. I got the picture below from the brewer’s website, the caption on my bottle read “arriving on your shore without any reservations.” There was also awesome historical info about Ragnar the viking on the back.

Here’s the interesting part of this story. I wait on line to purchase my booze. I am obviously the youngest person in the store. I walk to the cashier, I hand him $20, the bottle is $10. I purchase the booze.

They never asked me for ID. And the lady at Macy’s thought I was 15. And this the the first time I’ve bought any alcoholic beverage since my 21st birthday earlier last month. Oh well.

In the end the mead was disappointing, it didn’t have the sweet taste I expected. It wasn’t like the sweet mead I had a sip of the last time I went to the renn faire. There was a small honey after taste but I couldn’t drink it (the alcohol ruins it). Oh well, I’ve never been a fan of alcohol anyway.

Later that evening we visited some friend from our early childhood and had chocolate fondue. and we saw Snooki drop in the Jersey Shore ball. It was mildly disturbing.

That’s all!!! Best wishes for the new year!!

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