Snow Day and a Trip to the Gastroenterologist!

So the day after Christmas it snowed.. *a lot*


garbage can included for height reference!

poor doggies, too much snow for them

The first day the snow was too much for the dogs. Minnie got stuck, Zelda got stuck (and then unstuck). My mom shoveled them a spot in the back to use as their bathroom.

I did my part and shoveled a bit the next morning.. but out stoop had disappeared. It’s powder snow on the top and heavy snow on the bottom. It was knee deep where it fell normally and hip deep where the dunes were. I was only able to accomplish this much before getting tired.

I did not leave further than my yard for three days. I only went outside to shovel. But today I took my first steps into the post-apocalyptic world because I had a doctor’s appointment! (That was also the push to shovel out the driveway. As no real plow went down my street because I live in Queens and Bloomberg hates every borough outside of Manhattan, we wanted to wait until after the chance of us getting plowed in past. Guess what.. when we came back we were plowed in -_-).

Anyway, my doctor was super happy that my Crohn’s colitis hasn’t been bothering me (aside from finals and midterms). He says it’s good that my weight has stabilized.. but I still wish I could gain another ten pounds. Oh well.I also learned about diverticular disease from pamphlets in the waiting room (only condition on the pamphlets I’ve never heard of). It doesn’t sound fun at all. He also has this sad example of the digestive tract on the wall in his examining room. It is the *worst* GI tract ever. It has colon cancer, gastric cancer, ulcerative colitis, diverticular disease, crohn’s disease, hemmorids, hernias, acid reflux, gaul stones.. and there was more, but I can’t think of it now.

I also laughed when my doctor said one of his hobbies is fighting with unions that don’t cover prescription meds his patients need. (My meds are quite expensive and luckily are covered)

That is all XD


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  1. 1

    Scott Pool said,

    Awww zelda looks like she had funn, but mini would prob get lost in the snow. And that’s gud you are buildin arm muscle with shoveling! I’m also happy that your crohns has been better 😀

  2. 3

    My street wasn’t plowed until this evening! =/ And I had no idea you had Chrohn’s – I learned about it this year in Medical Terminology. 😮 And there’s no reason medication should be as expensive as they are. I used to take pills that regulated my hormones, but only half the cost was covered. I stopped taking them because it was costing my parents a fortune. 😦

    • 4

      improperintegirl said,

      when i first started medication i was on some steroids for about 3 months.. those cost $9 a pill. and i was taking more than one pill a day >.<
      that was in addition to an anti-inflammatory. i ended up switching to another anti-inflammatory because i had to take my old one 3x a day and kept forgetting which made them not work. the one i have now i take once a day.. which is way easier.
      that really sucks that your stuff wasn't covered 😦
      my mom is paranoid her union will change stuff up next year because of obama-care (it already screwed my dad's flex plan over)

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