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Snow Day and a Trip to the Gastroenterologist!

So the day after Christmas it snowed.. *a lot*


garbage can included for height reference!

poor doggies, too much snow for them

The first day the snow was too much for the dogs. Minnie got stuck, Zelda got stuck (and then unstuck). My mom shoveled them a spot in the back to use as their bathroom.

I did my part and shoveled a bit the next morning.. but out stoop had disappeared. It’s powder snow on the top and heavy snow on the bottom. It was knee deep where it fell normally and hip deep where the dunes were. I was only able to accomplish this much before getting tired.

I did not leave further than my yard for three days. I only went outside to shovel. But today I took my first steps into the post-apocalyptic world because I had a doctor’s appointment! (That was also the push to shovel out the driveway. As no real plow went down my street because I live in Queens and Bloomberg hates every borough outside of Manhattan, we wanted to wait until after the chance of us getting plowed in past. Guess what.. when we came back we were plowed in -_-).

Anyway, my doctor was super happy that my Crohn’s colitis hasn’t been bothering me (aside from finals and midterms). He says it’s good that my weight has stabilized.. but I still wish I could gain another ten pounds. Oh well.I also learned about diverticular disease from pamphlets in the waiting room (only condition on the pamphlets I’ve never heard of). It doesn’t sound fun at all. He also has this sad example of the digestive tract on the wall in his examining room. It is the *worst* GI tract ever. It has colon cancer, gastric cancer, ulcerative colitis, diverticular disease, crohn’s disease, hemmorids, hernias, acid reflux, gaul stones.. and there was more, but I can’t think of it now.

I also laughed when my doctor said one of his hobbies is fighting with unions that don’t cover prescription meds his patients need. (My meds are quite expensive and luckily are covered)

That is all XD

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Two Things I Hate About Science

I never intended to take my blog in this direction, but after more and more news stories on these “miracles” and “personal decisions,” (and my parents hating my ranting) I decided to post something here. Ok, in reality is was this one news story I heard today that broke the camel’s back… but more on that later.

If at any point this offends you, I’m sorry you got offended but I’m not sorry for offending you. I’m not forcing you to read this.

I love science and many things about it, but it has allowed things to happen that I don’t agree with. So here are  two things I hate that science has allowed to happen:

1. Cosmetic Plastic Surgery – This is plastic surgery for people who were born looking normal and are unhappy with how they look, or for people who haven’t really tried to loose weight the normal way. This is not plastic surgery for people who were born deformed, or got into some terrible accident, or were burn victims or people who can’t loose weight because they have things like poly csystic ovarian syndrome.

2. Unnatural Pregnancies – This is when anyone who cannot naturally have a baby for any reason decides to pay for a test tube baby, a surrogate mother, sperm donations, egg donations and all of that other bullshit.

Why I Hate Plastic Surgery

On all of these women’s talk shows, they’re always talking about plastic surgery. They always say stuff like “it’s a personal decision,” “it’s your appearance if you really want to change it to make yourself feel better you can.” Money is the solution, but not really. The reason people want these surgeries to begin with is because they are unhappy with their appearances, and that comes from within. Changing your outsides won’t fix your insides. On the Tyra show there have been women who have had one surgery, and were unhappy with the result, or still had more things that they wanted to fix. I personally believe that if you don’t like what you see in the mirror now, you never will. One thing I’ve noticed is that the more you get to know people and see them as good or bad people, in your eyes they become more beautiful or ugly. I think this also applies to the individual; you’ll be happier with your appearance if you like yourself for who you are.

Bottom Line: I hate the media and society and how they condone changing your appearance in place of learning to like yourself.

Why I Hate Unnatural Pregnancies

There are 210 million orphans world wide.

When one person or a couple that wants to have children is sterile or can’t have a child naturally, I see it as God’s way of telling them to adopt one of those 210 million orphaned children. More if they were planning on having more than one child. Do people do this? No. Why? Because they can go to a doctor and pay for in vitro or a surrogate mother, all because they *have* to have a baby with their genes, or because the mother wants to give birth *that* badly.

This morning there was a story on the news. It was about a woman who’s two adult children were diagnosed with cystic fibrosis before she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She died in 2007, but was glad to see her son get married before she died and always wanted grandchildren. Cystic fibrosis makes men sterile. The news then called it a “miracle” that doctors were able to help them have a child. That is not a miracle. That is paying doctors a shit load of money for your own selfish desires. Not to mention the dude had the cystic fibrosis gene, which he is inevitably passing on to his child. In addition, most people with cystic fibrosis don’t live a very long time. When he passes away this child will be left with one parent. None of this sounds very responsible to me.

I also read another story a number of months ago. A woman in her early 30’s was diagnosed with some crazy form of breast cancer. She wanted to have a baby. Her and her husband had a baby through a surrogate. She passed away two weeks after the baby was born. They knew she wouldn’t make it. This is irresponsible. You are once again, possibly giving the child bad genes and leaving the child with one parent.

People in any of these situations who choose to give doctors shit loads of money instead of adopting are selfish. My cousin and his wife did something with fertility drugs, wound up with triplets. I love them and my second cousins, but I wouldn’t mind if they had adopted. I have every right to call these people selfish because I’m related to some of those people.

Here are some numbers. It turns out in some cases adopting, even from another country can be cheaper than a surrogate or in vitro.

Surrogacy costs: tens of thousands of dollars (it varies depending on the situation) surrogate mothers can charge a $25,000 fee. This doesn’t even include the medical procedures and her doctor visits.

Test tube baby costs: $7000-$10000

Adoption costs: $0 – $40000+ (the link offers further break downs of different adoption scenarios) depending on how you adopt the money can fuel corruption, so research is important. (FYI: My neighbor’s did research and found Ecuador was the least corrupt in South America, they adopted a little boy from a convent there a number of years ago)

Even though adoption can be cheaper and is better for your soul, people still give doctors shitloads of money. I would assume one major reason is because the waiting list for white American babies is very long, and white Russian babies have mental problems because the orphanages there are horrible. Sadly racial barriers still exist in society. I would have no problem adopting a black kid. However, I’d feel bad if that kid got made fun of, or felt that it was denied black parents.. or something of the like. I also wouldn’t want people to think I was trying to be like Angelina Jolee or making a fashion statement -_-. I guess that’s why seeing white people with Asian kids girls is more common.  However, Indians are Caucasian and many South Americans have strong Caucasian traits. I think it’s really sad that people who want “white” babies can’t even take small steps like that.  The real answer to this problem is birth control education and the empowerment in women in third world countries, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t adopt.

Bottom line: If you cannot conceive a baby naturally, God is telling you to spend that money (or lack thereof) adopting a child, not giving it all to doctors.

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