My End of Semester Hell

I just thought I’d post an update before I disappear until I’m done with finals. I honestly have no idea how all of this happened.

The first two weeks of December, I have: 2 research papers due, 2 normal papers due, 2 math tests, 1 math final. (my second math final is in the third week)

Anyway, research paper topic time!!

For my education paper I’m writing about the impact technology has had on education. I realize that if  want an A I must include more than just SMART boards and the internet. I must also include cell phones, facebook, online schools, and calculators. And because I have no way of introducing my paper, I have to present a history of modern technology in schools. That last part may or may not happen.

For my English (Literature of Place, in my class, NYC) final paper I had a bunch of things to choose from. I picked to analyze what was unique to NYC during a particular decade. I went with the 70’s because I have my parents as sources. They make it seem like it was a combination of awesome and horrible.A few interesting 1970’s NYC facts!

-Bryant park’s nickname was “needle park” due to all of the druggies and prostitutes

-Times Square was all drugs and sex as well, and Union Square, and Washington Square park.. yea, lotta drugs and prostitutes

-the city had no where near as many tourists as it has today. museums weren’t crowded and central park wasn’t crowded. slavador dali used to take strolls in central park often

-when the rocky horror picture show first came out, you could watch it and not hear the audience say every line, let alone sing along

-the halloween parade wasn’t an official event, just a bunch of people in the village in costumes

-cults (the moonies) didn’t just try and get people on college campuses, they hung out around high schools as well


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    I feel you on the end-of-the semester work load. 😥 I have two papers, a 30-minute presentation, and five more books to read. Good luck with yours! And those are some pretty interesting facts. 🙂

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