Of Math, Chocobos and Vampires

I haven’t blogged much recently, I’ve kind of been in a bad mood among other things, but I got a crapload of work out of the way so I have a short time to relax before I take on the next load. Yay!!

Recently I started playing Chocobo’s Crystal Tower on Facebook. Those are two of my chocobos, the third is off fighting evil and looking for crystals to steal in a tower. Besides sending them off on adventures (or to die if you are a bad breeder) you can breed them and dress them up in cute outfits. I think I may have scored a brown chocobo baby out of a random breeding, so I’m pretty happy about that!

As far as math goes, I have no idea whats going on in my Vector Calc class. My teacher is that horrible. Yes, I realize I should read the book but I haven’t had time recently. On the other hand my Discrete math class is awesome because of all of the proofs! I think some of them are stupid but over all its a fun and interesting class. But it is not perfect, I believe I have developed a nerd-crush on my professor, due to his geeky love of math and other science fiction related things. Luckily, I don’t consider him attractive so it’s no where near as bad as the last nerd-crush/infatuation/hell I had. I think this is a true nerd-crush, since the nerd aspect is the only thing I’m attracted to.. whatever I experienced last time was dumbass infatuation masked as a nerd crush. Oddly enough I was going through old pictures last week and found a picture of my grandfather in his military uniform and noticed how he and my last infatuation had similar faces. I’m assuming we have similar ancestors somewhere down the line, so I’m glad nothing happened, but sad I didn’t get to know him better.. we could have made epic family tree connections if we were distantly related.

On another note I’ve been watching more Buffy. Buffy and Angel is what a human-vampire relationship is supposed to be! Buffy is strong and realizes that she has to move on with her life after crap goes down.. much unlike.. Bella.  Angel isn’t a controlling sparkly asshole. It is also interesting that Angel only watches Buffy sleep when he’s in evil no soul mode, hmmm what does this say about edward?

Now before I go, have some pro-Buffy anti-twilight images that made me laugh:


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  1. 1

    Omg. I loveeee chocobos! 😮 I might start playing that on facebook if I have the time. It reminds me of breeding a black and gold chocobo in FF7 back in the day. Oh, memories. :’)

  2. 3

    AHAHAHAHA. I love your anti-Twilightness. I want my vampires to burn in the sun, never sparkle. Awww that’s a cute FB game! I always hated breeding chocobos in FFVII though. So much effort to get that perfect one.

    • 4

      improperintegirl said,

      I think the breeding in this is a bit easier, it seems like the more you feed them the better stats they get, and that those stats can be passed on to a degree. I’m not completely sure how you get all of the different colors but the other main part of the game is sending them off to conquer towers (or to die).

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