worst day ever (sort of)

For the second time in my life I didn’t do all of the questions on a test because I didn’t flip the page over. First time was my chemistry regents. It’s what stopped me from getting a grade in the 90’s.  This time it was an 8 question math test, of which 2 problems I did not do. And which of the 6 questions I did do, I had a lot of trouble with 2 of them. I hate my life.

The test was a bitch in general. I realized I didn’t do the last two problems when people were mentioning 7 and 8. The prof. said there would be 8 but I only saw 6… not to mention I was a borderline nervous wreck before the test. Just when I thought I was doing better Crohn’s managed to fuck up my morning.. just like before I started improving.

Anyway, to quit rambling. After I found out, I cried a little. I ran to my prof’s office and explained. He said he’d see how I did try to grade out of the 6 questions and if I did really bad maybe I could make it up. I still feel like an idiot. After that I went and found myself a place to cry since I had no one to talk to. I would’ve went home if I didn’t have to hand in my long ass research paper next class.

Speaking of that class, I didn’t do the assigned reading (no one did). It was a discussion about philosophy. I hate philosophy.. I consider it one of the stupidest things humans have invented. Why sit around talking about shit that has no answer? “What is good?”, “What is beautiful?”, “How do we know that we know?”, they are all stupid things humans have come up with that have led to numerous fucked up issues. If we modeled our lives after the way dogs interact with each other, we’d have a lot less problems. But that’s just me.

I’ll save the contents of my paper for another post.. one where I’m not so emo.

I’ve had worse days. But I’d include this one in the top 10.


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