Facebook, wtf?

When I tried to log into facebook this morning I was informed that my account had been deactivated. Facebook never sent me any warnings or told me why. I sent them a petition and have no idea when they’ll get back to me.

One of the reasons listed for disabling is “use of a fake name.” Ok, I tweeked my last name a bit but it is a legitimate nickname. And there are worse fake names all over facebook. Why go after mine? I don’t even get why you need to use your real name in the first place.

I’m pissed off but glad in a way. I’ve wanted to delete my facebook for a while, but haven’t because I like using it to stay in touch with people. I don’t really play games on it anymore. It’s just something about my life being online that I don’t like. You end up broadcasting your life to everyone on your “friends” list for the most part… when the majority of them are acquaintances.   You also end up stalking people you used to know without ever writing anything on their wall because you feel awkward about it. I don’t really consider that keeping in touch.

I still want my account back, just so I can continue to keep in touch with the people that I do keep in touch with.


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    Scott Pool said,

    It’ll work out, I sent them an inquiry too saying this is very upsetting that it would be disabled without warning. Don’t sweat it, if worst comes to worst you’ll just have to make a new account, might be nice starting from scratch without all the clutter of extra shit that you got over the years XP

  2. 2

    Oh man, that sucks. =/ It makes me wonder if that’ll happen to me if Facebook ever decides that “Mosquito” is not a legitimate last name. Hopefully, they’ll let you reactivate it. I also agree that people putting their entire lives up for viewing makes me a little uncomfortable. I mostly use it for keeping in touch, and for photoblogging, too. XD

  3. 3

    I was wondering what happened & why another “Kirsten” was adding me on Facebook haha. That’s really horrible that they deleted it without a warning system or whatever. And what if that was your official last name?! They really don’t have any proof.

    But I agree with Scott, at least you can start from scratch. My entire life since HS graduation has been chronicled on FB via photos for the most part & it’s rather disturbing. It’s an excellent stalking tool, which has been proven to me time & time again, & yet I have mine still active. I have no idea why.

    G’luck, hope everything works out!

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