Day 3 of Observations + Outline of My Paper

The weather today is horrible. Constant rain. And this rain was supposed to happen yesterday, not today. I had to wake up earlier than normal and was pretty tired most of the day.

I tried to focus on what my bullshit p.c. class wants me to do, find traces of racism in the school *eye roll*

I honestly do not get it. They want us to see how the teacher responds to minority and poor students, and what is being done to help them improve. So I paid attention to that today. I see them spend more time on students with trouble, and the same amount of time on everyone else, regardless of color. As for economically challenged (yes, that’s the p.c term the schools use), I have no way of knowing which kids are poor and which aren’t. The school is mostly middle class and working class anyway.

When I asked one teacher about low-income students what he told me made sense. That math doesn’t require a lot of supplies, just graph paper and they can get that at school for almost nothing if they need it. The school provides calculators. Math just requires your mind. He said he’s had some very gifted low-income students and some middle class and rich kids that have done horribly. He believes in treating everyone the same. And I can’t get further into this.. it’s making my head hurt too much.

I forgot how to do synthetic division for the third time in my life (the AP Calc class brought that to my attention). Other than that the day was fairly uneventful. I went to the library after school to get some more books for my paper and found something funny along the way.

note: the spine doubles as a ruler

After the library I went to Old Navy and got Zelda a shamrock dog collar for 50 cents. It was in clearance for 97 cents, and everything in clearance was half off. I got Minnie a little doggy shirt, in hopes that if she wore it Zelda’s saliva would get on the shirt and not her fur, thus leaving her fur white and not discolored from Zelda’s saliva, but it turned out to be too small. I might cut it to make it fit.

Now for the outline of my paper. (Normally my outlines don’t look like this, but my vague ass prof told us that we should “ask questions” I also need to do this in APA style, which means I have more crap to look up.)

Why are single sex education and gender differences such a controversial topic?

How are boys and girls different?

How coed schools are limiting the education of boys and girls as well as reinforcing gender stereotypes.

The benefits of single gender schools

Those who argue that single gender schools are no better than coed schools

Flaws in their research and arguments

The option of single gender schools should be available to all parents

At any rate, I hope my paper serves as a nice “fuck you” to all of those pretentious liberal civil rights activists that think single gender schools are sexist. If they had any brains they’d see coed schools are sexist, they cheat both sexes out of better educations.


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    Scott Pool said,

    Good post, and yeah I dunno how you would be able to tell the poor students apart from the other ones. Isn’t that just encouraging trying to figure out the state of a person’s life just from looking at them? >>

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