My First Day of Observations

All education students must observe 100 hours in order to student teach and get certified. The two classes I’m taking each require 25, so I am stuck with 50 this semester. Thankfully I have Fridays free so this is a bit manageable.

Anyway, I was late today. Not the best move but there were fallen trees everywhere from the freak tornado, I wasn’t the only one. Why the hell Bloomberg (or Bloombitch as I prefer to call him) kept public schools open today, especially elementary schools is beyond me. There were so many downed wires that a child could easily get harmed from. But anyway, since I’m observing at my sister’s school she was able to tell me a few things about the teachers I’d be observing.

The first teacher I observed was only two years older than me. And blond with blue eyes. Just when I forgot about the last guy with similar features who was into math.. and this one has a much better face.. and is a vegetarian (well he told the class he didn’t eat meat)..But no, I am not devoting another damn blog to my mysterious attraction to guys with blond hair and blue eyes. I did enough of that crap on xanga. I also think I’m sort of over it on a level. I find him cute but I don’t feel awkward about it.. this is a major difference from last time. Anyway,  he was teaching “Discrete,” not the real super full of proofs discrete math, but some new, easy for kids who need a math credit type discrete. My sister tells me they’d make fun of him because he used to have shoulder length hair, and looked (well he still does) like a student.

The next teacher I saw was an older teacher, a REAL teacher, the kind that doesn’t take shit and knows his shit cold. He was teaching geometry. Awesome class. My sister has had him 2 years in a row, she said a lot of people didn’t like him but she didn’t understand why because she thinks he’s ok, and she has a lot of trouble with math.

The last teacher I observed was another older teacher who was teaching an AP Calc class. I feel really bad for him, he told me half of the class didn’t pass their trig regents. Calc is easy, but it’s incredibly easy to screw up if you don’t know your trig. I don’t know how this happened but hell, it may have given me something to write one of my papers on. My sister didn’t know anyone who had him but said other people goofed on him.

I’m glad I picked a good school, in all of the classes the students seemed to actually give a damn. This is *not* was I was told about public schools. It’s also a very diverse school (need that to write a good paper for one of my bullshit classes). It’s also a small school… but the classes were a bit large.

When I got home my sister asked me if the teachers were nice. I said yes. She said no, they aren’t. Guess that’s because I wasn’t a student =D

Next Friday should be fun. If only I didn’t have so much homework to do this weekend.

And that’s all for now, but you all have homework. Tell me who Ada Lovlace was and what her contribution to the world was =D


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    That is so exciting! What type of school are you observing at? High school level at a public school? I think this is a really good program to be in. You will probably learn a lot more through it than just taking a class on how to teach kids 😛

    According to Wiki, Ada Lovlace was the first computer programmer who worked on an early computer referred to as “the analytical engine.” What I find pretty interesting, too is that she was Lord Byron’s daughter. That man wrote some pretty good nature inspired romantic poetry. His daughter pumped out beautiful mathematics haha.

    • 2

      improperintegirl said,

      Yes ^^ you got it right. When I become a teacher I’m planning on giving extra credits that involve random tidbits of math history. And did you know Lord Byron was also a friend of Mary Shelly? I think they had an affair at some point too.. but Lord Byron had affairs with everyone.. and Mary Shelly’s mother was a psycho feminist. They were quite an interesting bunch.

      I’m observing a high school. Next semester I’ll probably do a middle school because i want to expose myself to as many teaching scenarios as possible. What I really wanna see is a good teacher teaching a bad class, so I can see how they manage it. I have a feeling I’ll get more of that in a middle school.

  2. 3

    A lot of people I know have to do observation, too! I’m glad that you’re enjoying your time doing yours. 😛 I really have respect for the teachers that have been doing it for years – I don’t think I would have the patience if I were an education student. XD I’m familiar with Ada Lovelace, too, but mostly as Lord Byron’s daughter. Haha.

    • 4

      improperintegirl said,

      Thanks 🙂 I always feel reassured when people tell me they have respect from teachers.. especially since my bullshit education class keeps saying teacher’s aren’t respected and that they need to teach diversity and be bilingual and so many other things I find irrelevant for math teachers.

      • 5

        I totally second that. I have really earned a huge respect for teachers & profs. It must be one of the hardest jobs to convey knowledge to another individual, do it well, and potentially inspire.

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